Roksana Majewska


I am a marine biologist, taxonomist and extreme habitat ecologist with practical experience in various fields of biological and environmental sciences. My research involves, but is not limited to, multidisciplinary studies of surface-associated diatoms. Although I am a specialist in the field of diatom taxonomy and ecology, I graduated in Biological Oceanography (MSc, 2008) and Environmental Sciences (PhD, 2013) and have a wide range of scientific interests. I enjoy pursuing interdisciplinary collaborations and have been closely involved in various multifaceted projects, including disciplines ranging through biotechnology, bioindication, biophysics, palaeontology, geology, nanostructures, and medicine.

Much of my research is centred around the biodiversity and biochemical characteristics of epibiotic diatoms. My ongoing projects investigate both fresh and museum specimens of aquatic vertebrates (e.g. marine and freshwater turtles, marine iguanas, aquatic snakes, manatees, dolphins and whales), providing baseline data about epizoic diatoms and algal-animal associations in general. Because – oh, yes – there are algae that grow only on certain species of animals, and we have no idea why!

I created this website to make my research more easily accessible and perhaps digestible too. And because it would be a shame to keep the images of all those fascinating microorganisms to myself only.


Jan 11, 2022 The Diatomaceous website is launched! :rocket: